The shipping price will appear during the purchase on the website, and is dependent on the size and weight of the product.

NOTE: If there is available space at the delivery point, the package will be moved to the nearest delivery point, which you will be notified of. If problems arise, contact customer service.
Special delivery conditions apply to certain goods. The conditions will appear specifically prior to the purchase of these goods.

Delivery time

The delivery time of your purchase will depend on the product you have purchased.
You will always be informed about the delivery time at the time of purchase.
In connection with the delivery of larger products, you will be notified by the carrier the day before the first possible delivery, where you will be informed of the planned delivery time. If you are unable to be at home, you will find an alternative delivery time together with the carrier. Your order is of course insured all the way to your place of residence.
On the actual delivery day, the driver will notify you between 30 and 60 minutes before the delivery. We would like to point out that it will not be possible to obtain information about a specific delivery time, as the driver may have different deliveries on his route.
Before delivery, please note the following: It is very important that you can be reached on the telephone number you entered on the order. It will always be your responsibility to ensure that the order can be delivered unhindered to the delivery point and into your private home. When the carrier contacts you to arrange delivery, you must inform about conditions that may affect the delivery. Examples of this can be: - That the furniture can pass through doorways (you can see the measurements on the website) - Hard to access road - Gate/door code - Access to lift - Narrow/steep stairs - If you choose delivery to the first available room, take the driver does not take off his shoes due to work environment regulations. It is therefore a good idea to arrange for dirt underlay for delicate floors. Re-delivery: If our delivery company is unsuccessful with your furniture, or if it is not possible to deliver due to circumstances at your place, you as a customer will have to pay for the return and re-delivery of the order. This cost will depend on where in the country you live and how large the order is.
Receipt of your order:
The risk for your item passes to you the moment we deliver. Upon receipt of your order, you must check whether there is any visible damage or defects. You must also ensure that all packages and boxes are marked with your order number. If anything is delivered that is not marked with your order number(s), you must refuse to accept it. Then contact us and we will help you find a solution. When you have checked that everything is as it should be, you must acknowledge receipt. If the packaging is damaged when you receive it, you must sign the consignment note with reservations and describe the damage. If, after unpacking the item, there is damage to the product itself, you must contact us. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible and within 5 calendar days at the latest. It is also important that you save the original packaging as documentation that the damage was not visible upon delivery.