Our story

AVILO is founded in Aarhus by Kim Suhr Villefrance.

We make furniture, lighting and accessories rooted in the Danish tradition of great craftsmanship, but liberated from minimalism. We dream of creating designs that float in the empty space between art and functionality, because we don't believe in limitations.

It is essential to us that designs from AVILO is founded on curiosity of materials and original authentic ideas.

A new designs birth

With strong competences within product development, we are everpresent all the way from the designstage to prototype development and final production.

It is very important to us that all details in both material selection, production methods and craftsmanship, lives up to our high demands. An AVILO design must always be sustainable, both on the aesthetic level as well as quality wise. That way, we are committed to save as much as possible on the mother natures ressources.

We find inspiration in

Natures magic shapes

Kerið Crater on Iceland